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Property Management Software

Software seamlessly integrated into your website, to make it a complete solution that:

  • Is designed and optimized for managing rental property listings
  • Utilizes a functional, well-designed, informative and user-friendly website to engage and retain users
  • Allows the display of property listings with relevant details and related multimedia
  • Displays property listings rapidly and precisely based on user search criteria
  • Consists of a powerful admin control panel that is simple to use and allows immediate updates to the website
  • Featured Properties are displayed to quickly grab the attention of the website user
Property Management Software

Ease of Navigation

  • Effortless and consistent navigation across the entire site
  • Smooth transition throughout the website using the clearly categorized navigation
  • Easy access to information that the website user needs
  • Uniform and logical placement of content and components to ease user familiarity and navigation of website
Interactive Map Search

Interactive Map Search

  • An engaging and interactive tool for locating properties of interest
  • As the user clicks and zooms over the interactive map, available properties appear indicated by markers which when clicked provide property details
  • Multiple view styles available including street maps, satellite and aerial images
  • Allows the user to view multiple properties in the same neighborhood, and other points of interest in the surrounding area
  • Does not limit user to specific zip codes but allows a more comprehensive and detailed search experience
News & Events Panel

News & Events Panel

  • A dynamic news and events component that directs the user's attention to any information that the website manager thinks is of immediate relevance and importance
  • An admin tool that allows quick and easy updates to the news and events area
  • Each news item can be linked to a more detailed and extensive news and events page with the ability to provide more detailed information and media for each item
Property Listings

Property Listings

  • Property listings are managed dynamically through the admin control panel
  • Frequent and quick updates can be made to the listings in a few easy steps
  • Property listings are displayed with relevant details, description and images to provide the user with a comprehensive profile of each property
  • Quick links are provided that allow the user to begin the next steps in relation to the properties that interest them e.g. additional details about the property, multi-media tour, request more information via email, fill out an application etc.
Property Details

Property Details

  • A specific and detailed property page for each property
  • All aspects of the page, including property details, description, images, etc. can be controlled by the admin control panel
Property Photo Tour

Property Photo Tour

  • Image Galleries for all properties which allows users to view a slideshow to learn more about properties of interest
  • All images can be uploaded with a few clicks, or removed as needed from the admin control panel
Search Engine Friendly URLs

Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • A helpful feature that allows better SEO ranking for all pages even though the pages are dynamically generated
  • Allows user to easily copy links and save them and refer to them later since they are more comprehensible


  • Priced at $1,350.00 with 5 monthly installments of $270.00 per month
  • Includes a Free 20 Hour Package of Design Customization services
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